Photo Credit: Ashley Bark
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Last Frontier Heliskiing is based in the remote town of Revelstoke, BC and offers some of the best heliskiing in the world. Whether you are looking for a full day of heliskiing with a guide, or a few hours of self-guided exploration, Last Frontier Heliskiing has you covered.

Heliskiing in British Columbia is an unforgettable experience. The ride in the helicopter is breathtaking, as it takes you over snow-capped mountains and glacial valleys. The views are spectacular and the feeling of being so high above the ground is thrilling. Once you land, you can ski or snowboard down some of the most pristine and untouched powder imaginable. The slopes are challenging and exciting, and the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the bottom is unparalleled.

Photo credit: Ashley Barker

In addition to the incredible skiing and snowboarding opportunities, Last Frontier Heliskiing also offers some of the best accommodations in the area.

About Last Frontier

Geoff Straight, Mike Watling, George Rosset and Franz Fux founded Last Frontier Heliskiing in 1996 in Northern BC, Canada to explore uncharted mountain ranges. This family is committed to producing one-of-a-kind heli skiing experiences for our guests in this wild mountain place far from four walls, routine, and repetition.


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Photo courtesy of Last frontier. Photo credit: Ashley Barker and Steve Rosset